pinwheel directions


To watch a QuickTime movie that shows you how to make a pinwheel, click here.

To create your own pinwheel, download a pinwheel template, click here.

Thanks to Ursula Accumanno from New Jersey who came up with this alternative way to create pinwheels!
See the photos below and download her directions here.

Download a page of peace signs to use when making your pinwheels. Click here.

Rather than use pencils for the "stick" of the pinwheel, we have used plastic straws (local restaurants will likely donate them - or, you can purchase them at a "warehouse-type" store) and bamboo skewers.

Insert the pinwheel pin into the straw near the top, Then bend the pointed end of the pin back into the straw.

When it comes time to "plant" the pinwheels, push the skewer into the ground and then slip the straw right over the skewer!

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